Shalom – Israel’s Efforts for Peace

Atniel Talking Peace

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Atniel is 24 and from Tel Aviv

I like listening to alternative rock and hangliding on weekends and that’s basically who I am, just a regular guy.

I wanted to talk to you about some stuff I witnessed during the term I was in the military, in the army.
Some stuff that made me wonder about the Palestinian people and how they can improve their lives. I’m sure the Palestinian people want peace.

During my military time I used to talk to a lot of Palestinians in the check points and restaurants and places like this and I’ve seen their way of life there. Their daily routine, it’s hard, it’s not easy. And I don’t think the leaders really care enough so that the common “joe” will have a better routine day or better stuff for himself or better job, things like that. He doesn’t really care, he cares only for his political interests and political agenda. He doesn’t think of the common people.

This one time when I was stationed near Gaza there was a problem with the electricity and as you know the electricity in Gaza comes from Israel. The Israeli Electric company sent an Israeli technician to fix the electricity and he was climbing up the pole, you know of the electric lights, and a Palestinian sniper shot him down, and killed him. And I was thinking what the hell are they doing? Why are they doing it?

Its the terrorist organizations. They don’t care if the Palestinian people will be damaged for their actions. They just do it, like this example. If the technician was killed and for 2 days Gaza didn’t have electricity, not the hospitals not the students who wanted to surf on the internet they didn’t have electricity for their computers for 2 days. And eventually the electricity company sent another technician and he fixed it. I just wonder what the hell are those terrorists thinking?

The people of Gaza shouldn’t suffer, they’re regular people. I know a lot of them, they are common people, they have children, they have jobs, their own concerns. earning a living, health problems and whatever. You know, ordinary problems. You dodn’t need to add that to all the problems due to political conflict and stuff like that. They are using the civilian population in Gaza. They are abusing them by staying inside of them. If you want to fight us, you know I get it, get out of the civilian population and fight okay?

But when you inside a school and shooting from a school when you know that the IDF won’t bomb the school because there are children in there, you are actually endangering the children in the school. And that’s not fair to the children, that’s not fair at all, because the children will eventually will be hurt and that’s because of you. If you care aobut the children you won’t shoot from the school. You can’t use them as a human shield, it’s not fair for them.


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January 8, 2009 at 10:02 pm

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