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1949: Egypt Moves Refugees to Gaza

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To meet the eventuality that Gaza might revert to Israel in the future by means of peace agreements, Egypt transferred her 38,000 to 48,000 Arab refugees from Ismailia to the Gaza-Rafa coastal strip, bringing the total Arab refugees living in the Gaza strip to approximately 300,000.

Ismailia is in the Suez Canal area where Egypt maintained a camp for German prisoners of World War II and later for refugees who had fled southward after the Israelis had recaptured Beersheba and the Negev. Some also came from the Gaza area, but many were nomadic Bedouins who traveled to the canal area because the Sinai Desert didn’t provide them with adequate grazing areas for their flocks; once in the canal area they became charges of the Egyptians.

Source: New York Times, 20-August-1949


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August 20, 1949 at 12:32 pm

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